Adventures with my new Laotian friend

Jun 19, 2017 | GO FROM ZERO

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reverse engineers

reverse engineers

This video is about a guy who has two kids. The oldest is a girl, and the youngest is a boy.

He has a loving wife. And six days a week he goes to work, from nine to five. And after work, he comes home and get to hang with his friends.

At his favorite place Just in front of his house.
Drinking beer, having a laugh.

This ritual repeats itself, every day. Except for Sunday. Then it’s just drinking. This is Thuan.

Sometimes, people are SO nice to you, that you start wondering if everything is real. For example, if someone says he wants to show you some things around Savannakhet.

So he picks you up at your hostel. Pays for your lunch. Drives you around for 15km on his scooter, to end up in a sketchy place
In the middle of nowhere. With some guys with sharp ass machetes.
Then you start shitting your pants.

But sometimes it turns out that someone is just really being nice.

Like Thuan. He was the first Laotian guy I talked to. The first thing he asked me was if I wanted a beer.

Thuan earns about 5.000 Thai Baht a month. Which he uses to support his family, and to drink a beer or two.

Although Thuan doesn’t earn a lot. He always shared his food with me. And he always invited me over for a beer.

He even took me to an idyllic place, for a beer and some food.
And I wasn’t allowed to pay for anything.

But there was one thing he shared with me that was priceless.
His view on life.
Thuan says he lives from day to day.
He says no one knows the future.
So you should enjoy life at the moment
and care about the people around you
And share food with them
And beers.
That makes him a real good guy.
And my new friend.

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