Best place to stay in Savannakhet, Laos

Jun 16, 2017 | GO FROM ZERO

Hopefully, it’s something
useful to you.

Hopefully, it’s something
useful to you.

reverse engineers

reverse engineers

I’ve added the link to the page for Savan Cafe to the description so you can save a lot of time. Also, if you book through this link you will help out a fellow traveler (me) with a small commission without any extra costs.

*Note: I’ve not been paid to make this video. Though, if you want me to make a video for you, please send me a dm.

You decide to go to Savannakhet to get the VISA.
You get dropped off at the border,
without any clue about what you are going to do and where you are going to do this.
And with no idea where you are going to stay.

You’re on a budget. You have to find some cheap place sleep.
Like a bed in this room. Which only costs 65.000 Kip ($8USD / €7EUR) a night.

When you wake up the next morning, you realize you’re a dumbass.
You forgot to bring any shower gel and shampoo.
Lucky for you, this place has got you covered.

You’re one of those people who desperately needs a good cup of coffee in the morning
*Not that Nescafé ssshh*
before you feel really awake.
Guess what. They’ve got it.

You are interested in the world and want to know what strange things have happened.
You want to check all your social media like Facebook, instagram and twitter for any updates.
You want to let your parents know everything is ok and you didn’t get robbed yet.
Good for you, there’s plenty of space to do just this.
With free WiFi. Even on the rooftop!

Suddenly you realize something.
You realize you haven’t eaten anything in 18 hours
The Savan café happens to have a great menu with Vietnamese, Thai and Western food.

If you want something more Lao? Go right to find the best Pho noodles. Or go left to find amazing bami kiew.
Or, you wait until 4p.m. where you can find a food market.

And if you feel like going on an adventure.
Go out and about in style.
Get a bike for only 20.000 KIP a day.

Did I mention the place is just beautifully designed?
I would say the best designed hostel I’ve seen.
If you have seen a nicer one.
I dare you to name it in the comment and I might try to visit it.

So. If you’re going to Savannakhet for your Thai VISA (Or just because it’s the second largest city of Laos and happens to be pretty hipster)
Don’t be like me. Be smarter than me and
Plan your trip and go to Savan Cafe to enjoy your time in Savannakhet, Laos!

And one last thing: it’s cheap. The cheapest on!

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