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Nov 13, 2017 | GO FROM ZERO

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reverse engineers

reverse engineers

YouTube is full of people who travel in fancy first class seats and enjoy all first class benefits. Well…for most people and amateur travelers like me, this isn’t reality at all.

Yes, I’m broke, so I need to find the cheapest tickets as possible. I’m always flabbergasted by the idea that you can fly cheaply to the other side of the world, where the cost of living is so low.

*I’m not paid by any company or what so ever for this video. Though, if you go to Skyscanner using this affiliate link, I will get a small commission without any additional costs for you. A classic win-win situation:


YouTube is full of fancy airline ticket reviews (Casey Neistat’s are my favorite). This video is not one of those.

You see, I’m on a budget but I want to go to places
In Asia, I obviously use Bangkok as the central hub.
I’ve made domestic flights in Thailand,
I flew Bangkok to Jakarta
I’ve made domestic flights in Indonesia
and I’ve been able to get a VISA in Vietnam.
This video is about how I fly cheaply from Bangkok to Lombok.

I always use Sky Scanner to book my tickets.
For the people who have been living under a rock:
I think it’s the best site to compare and book the cheapest flights.
In the case, I’ve been living under a rock and you know better alternatives,
please let me know in the comments below.

Just to be sure, as a reminder:
THIS VIDEO IS NOT A $19.408.56 fancy airplane seat ticket review.
Fancy airline tickets have fancy airport lounges
with fancy airport food…
This is not a first class breakfast
This is also not a first-class lunch
This is not a first class lounge
And this is not a first-class seat.

But for some strange reason, I’m often times luckier than I’m supposed to be.

But like I said… I’m traveling on a budget.
On my flight from Bangkok to Lombok, I had a transit in Kuala Lumpur.
Where I had to go through customs to get a stamp for Malaysia
To immediately check in again, go back through customs
And board my second flight
To finally arrive in Lombok.

This whole flight took me (8.5) hours
I’ve traveled (3000) kilometers (1800) miles
And it only cost me (85) euro (100) dollar.

I love using Skyscanner because I’m always flexible in my schedule
I always search in the whole month
And search for one-way tickets,
because don’t want to plan my next destination too far ahead.
Just search for the best date and the best price,
book your tickets
and voila.
I’ve put a link to sky scanner in the description below.
If you book using this link, I will get a commission and the best part is that you don’t even have to pay more.

And the last disclaimer: this video was not sponsored by Air Asia.
One day, I hope to make a review about that $9048.59 airplane seat including all first class benefits.
*If some airline likes my videos. Please contact me 😉
But for now, I’m just happy to be able to go to places as cheaply as possible.

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