I Created a Photo Album to Find a Balance Between Digital and Analog

Apr 6, 2020 | GO FROM ZERO

reverse engineers

reverse engineers

I Created a Photo Album with Instax Polaroid Pictures to Find a Balance Between Digital and Analog.

I almost never look back at these photo’s. But when I do, I feel a weird cocktail of nostalgia mixed with self deprecating cringe running down my spine.

Nowadays, we don’t need an old photo album. All of our precious memories are created and stored, right in our pocket.

The problem however, is, that 50% of the photo’s on my phone is filled with NSFW content, sent through one of the group chat’s of which you are wondering how the F* you ever got into them and somehow are impossible to escape from.

Then, 45% is filled with accidentally taken pictures, random screenshots, and pictures that are not worth the time to look back at.

Only 5% of the pictures might be worth watching. But that 5% is really difficult to find in the jungle of mediocrity.

So, here’s what I did to curate my best memories, in an attempt to restore the balance between digital and analog.

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