Note to self: perfection kills progress

May 3, 2017 | GO FROM ZERO

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reverse engineers

reverse engineers

Perfection is something that doesn’t exist. But it’s something many creative minds are striving for. But for what? Perfection kills progress. So how do you overcome perfectionism?

If you want to get better at something than progress is your friend. So it’s better to keep on moving than pondering on a couple of details. Every now and then, I have to remind myself to just keep on moving.

The picture in my mind always seems perfect in my head. Sometimes, when execution goes exactly according to plan then still end result is likely to be different than what you portrayed in your head. Furthermore, I have limited resources. Everything I do at the moment, I do by myself. I write the stories, I do the filming, I do the voice overs, I do the editing, I do the color correcting, I do the color grading, I do the marketing, etc. So there’s a lot to do.

If I keep on making progress, I will get faster at every step which will make it possible for me to create better videos. As I progress my process will become more and more organized.

So just as a reminder. Just keep on creating. It doesn’t always have to be perfect. And what’s perfect for me, doesn’t mean it’s perfect for someone else. That’s the only way to overcome perfectionism.


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