Ciao Noma Collective!
Hi Daniel & the Noma Collective Team. We are Mandy & Weeri, a couple from the Netherlands who will be working/living on an ‘Agriturismo’ in Sicily for the next seven months. Your Facebook post and mission caught our attention.

We both are keen on experiencing and tasting different cultures and places. We find the best way to do so is by living in a place and really taking your time to soak in new incentives. We think that combining work and exploring is the most fulfilling.

Mandy has worked as a travel agent for eight years. Weeri graduated as an engineer, became a chef instead, and now is a filmmaker freelancer. Together we dream of traveling and let people experience traveling in a slower, but deeper manner.

Below you can find some examples of the stories we made on our trip from the Netherlands to Sicily. We made a short story every day and got wonderful reactions. People said they really enjoyed following the adventure and are looking forward to the next video. We feel that content should not only be informative but also be entertaining.

We would like to apply for the positions of content creator (Weeri) and also Social Media Manager (Mandy). If you feel like we are a good fit, then we love to get in contact.

All the best,

Mandy & Weeri


Instagram / YouTube




I really enjoy watching your adventures. I’m already looking forward to the next one.


I’m glad you’re continuing to make these stories, I watch them every day.


It’s so much fun to watch these stories like I’m really there with you living the adventure.


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