Delicious and Cheap Indonesian Street Food: Lalapan

May 16, 2018 | SHOW ME THE MENU

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reverse engineers

reverse engineers

Indonesian street food is cheap and delicious. Lalapan is one of the most famous roadside Indonesian food you will find all over Indonesia.

Lalapan is basically fried duck, fish or chicken (lalapan bebek, lalapan ikan or lalapan ayam) with fresh sambal and raw vegetables. Street food in Indonesia is always cheap and delicious. So make sure you eat at these roadside restaurants when you visit Indonesia.

For this food video, we went to a very small roadside street food lalapan place in Lombok, where two friends are serving meals on a high tempo every day. Lalapan is definitely one of the things you need to eat in Indonesia.

This daily vlog is part of a larger series of travel VLOGS in Indonesia. With these travel vlogs, we hope to give you take you along our travels and give you an insight in the things we encounter.

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