Thai Monk ordination Ceremony -Becoming a Thai Monk pt 2-3

Jul 1, 2017 | THAT'S CRAZY

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reverse engineers

reverse engineers

Thai monk ordination ceremonies are full of traditions. When one wants to become a monk, he has to follow many rituals to undergo the transformation to a monk in Thailand.

Apart from both being born in Thailand in the same year, Doong and I’ve had very different journeys so far.
In Sakon Nakhon, our paths cross, because we’re both on a journey to something new.

Today’s the day of Doongs ordination ceremony. He wants to be a Monk for the rest of his life, in this modest so-called jungle temple.

Heads and eyebrows shaved? Check
Brand new white clothes? Check
Everything clean? Check
Dong’s ready and prepared to take off for his spiritual journey.

But with ANY journey, there are always formalities which have to be dealt with

Formalities can always be prepared, so you know what to expect and what is expected from you.
But no matter how good your preparation is, doing something for the very first time is ALWAYS scary.

You want to make sure you are respectful.
You want to make sure you look at your best.
You just don’t want to fuck up.

During the process, you start thinking.
How am I walking?
Are all these people here just for me?
Why are they jumping around?
Is everybody looking at me?
How are you supposed to put this on?
Am I standing in the right place?
Am I doing this correctly?x
Did I make the right choice?

After all formalities are over, your journey can really start.
From this point on, there is no way back.
From now on, it’s living up to the new standards.

For Doong that means,
amongst 226 other rules for a monk,
that he can’t have any direct physical contact with a female.
So for example gifts have to be received through some kind of medium.

Where I have left my comfort zone to explore the world, Dong has left his colorless situation for a life searching for inner peace.
We both are looking to enrich our minds,
But our journeys will yet again float in totally different directions.

Whatever we will do on our journeys, whatever we find on our paths,
We will always know that doing something for the very first will always be scary.
And exciting.

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